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On track etiquette

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On track etiquette Empty On track etiquette

Post by RSspeeddemon on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:55 am

Out on Track / Etiquette

1. Allow the tyres to get up to temperature (will take at least one lap) before you go ballistic, or you will "fall off" on the first corner

2. Use your mirrors!

3. Indicate and pull over to the right if someone is coming up fast behind you (as overtaking is ONLY allowed on the left at most circuits). If someone catches you up, that means they are FASTER than you, so allow them to pass, rather than trying to "race" them

4. NO overtaking on bends.

5.Drive at your own pace and build your speed up gradually.

6. Enter corners slowly until you are sure you know the line to go in faster.

7. Drive smoothly and progressively and you will be faster than if you erratic with the controls (and less of a liability to other track users).

8. Keep and eye on water / oil temps and when things start to get hot, indicate and pull over to the right of the track and do a cooling down lap before either coming in to the pits or resuming the fast pace. If you do not follow this cool down procedure and just come straight in, you will suffer from horrendous heat soak from the engine and more importantly the brakes, which can even catch fire (can't they Danny).

9. When in the pits and stationary, turn the wheel on full lock, which will stop the car from rolling away (or if on steep incline, use something to "chock" the wheels). Do NOT apply the handbrake, as the discs/pads will still be so hot, that putting the handbrake on will thermal shock and warp the discs. Leave the engine running with fans / interior heating on full to help remove some heat from the engine. Only switch the engine off once you are satisfied that the temps have cooled down sufficiently to do so.

10. Do not leave your keys in the ignition with the car unattended, as this is how many have been taken. When it is cooling down, stay with the car until you can turn it off and lock it up.

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