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8.0 Personal Messenger

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8.0 Personal Messenger

Post by RSspeeddemon on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:20 pm

8.0 Personal Messenger

The use of PM on Ford ST and RS owners is exactly what it is PM (Personal Message) NOT private messenger as most people appear to interpret. Whilst all PM's are confidential, they can and only be viewed by Admin in the database, for the following reasons:

1>Threatening behaviour to another fellow member

2>The sale of counterfeit goods

3>The sale of drugs

4>The sale of stolen goods

5>Inappropriate behaviour in order to bring the Ford ST and RS owners in disrepute and downfall.

Any of the above being conducted and found on a random check, can and will be informed to the police and a copy of all files being submitted to the parties involved. Full co-operation will be given to the police involved by the RS-Mania Ford Owners Club Admin team.

In addition to the above, the organising of other external activities other than for other Ford ST and RS owners meetings and show attendances will not be tolerated.

EXCEPTIONS to this rule are:
Permitted activities would include parties including, Xmas, New Years, Diwhali, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Christenings,Anniversaries,and Funerals.

Personal Messenger is to be used from member to member as a means of communication to chat and generally be involved with the development and interaction of members and for the good of the RS-Mania Ford Owners Club . Any member caught abusing this facility will be banned from the Ford ST and RS owners for a unspecified amount of time., and or prevented from using the Personal Messenger facility again.

Any member using Personal Messenger for financial or personal gain without paying a membership fee or donation will render themselves liable to this clause and where necessary legal action will commence for clearly flouting the terms and conditions of use of personal messenger on the Ford ST and RS owners site.

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