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7.0 Shows and Exhibitions

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7.0 Shows and Exhibitions

Post by RSspeeddemon on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:22 pm

7.0 Shows and exhibitions rules

We, the Ford ST and RS owners cannot and will not accept liability to any damage caused to members cars whilst on any show stand that RS-Mania Ford Owners Club has. It is the owners acceptance at the end of the day for any damage or loss occured at such an event. Ford ST and RS owners can only recommend that if it is if such worry, that you stay with your vehicle at all times and not leave valuables in site.

Any person applying for tickets and passes through the Ford ST and RS owners, must comply with the fact that the car MUST be displayed on the Ford ST and RS owners stand.

Any member who uses the tickets and passes for any OTHER stand other than the Ford ST and RS owners stand will find themselves being banned from EITHER using the site,AND/ OR their application for future passes and tickets being REFUSED for the life of their membership with no further discussion taking place

Any person caught supplying inferior tickets, ie, counterfeit through the site will be be banned INDEFINETELY from using the site again.

Indecent behaviour towards others or bringing the club into embarrasement will lead to a lifetime ban of the club and all shows.

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