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3.2 Wives and Partners (WAP)

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3.2 Wives and Partners (WAP)

Post by RSspeeddemon on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:54 pm

3.2 Wives and Partners (WAP) scheme.

The WAP scheme is intended to be a complementary type of membership and is free to join. It is currently only open to spouses, partners and girlfriends/boyfriends of fully paid community members. The WAP membership period runs concurrently with that of the paid member. As it is a free service, there are limitations as to what services can or cannot be accessed. Typically, WAP members can only start topics in the off topic and General forums and may reply to topics in certain other forums, additionally you may only have access to the chatroom. Membership is discretional and may be offered or withdrawn at anytime.

A few specific restrictions are:

# You may start a topic, poll or discussion

# You may only use your own login name. (see section 2.3 - Key rules).

You may choose to become a fully paid member at anytime.

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