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2.0 Member Conduct

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2.0 Member Conduct

Post by RSspeeddemon on Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:23 pm

2.0 Member conduct.

The Ford ST and RS Owners online community gives members a place to meet, interact, and share ideas with each other. Just like a real community, you may have different opinions than others and just like the real world; you may face different norms or even legal restrictions when participating in a community that may be based in a Country other than your own. The member handbook is designed to clarify the various responsibilities of all club members here at the Ford ST and RS Owners, please read it and become familiar with it. All rules and guidelines are applicable throughout the Ford ST and RS Owners community, including (but not limited to) the forums, chatrooms, profiles and the private messaging system.

By registering through the club forum, you agree to be bound by clubs rules and guidelines.

Conduct that violates the clubs rules and guidelines including harrasment, bullying, victimisation either on or off the board or at Ford ST and RS Owners organised events may result in action being taken against you, including, but not limited to, the deletion of entire threads of messages (or single message) or suspension of your community account. In certain rare circumstances your community account maybe removed and everything associated with it without notice. If an account has been banned you will not be eligible to attend any of the shows that Ford ST and RS Owners attends, even if you have an outstanding ticket and pass. No refunds will be made to members who have been banned for those tickets.

Note that Ford ST and RS Owners will take legal advice where apropriate to any given situation from its legal team, who are Smith Dawson Solicitors, Wolverhampton.

Any rule changes or updates are effective immediately and may be applied retrospectively.

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