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How to get a Trade account

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How to get a Trade account

Post by RSspeeddemon on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:51 am


Trading accounts are available from as little as £7.50 per month-(SEE BELOW) However pay for 12 months in full and save £15 (£75). Same as Gold member benefits, plus:
• Can use a trade name.
• Can sell items in the Trader's Items For Sale forum.
• You get to store 200 PMs.
• You can have your own sticky in traders contact forum.
• Availble in Six-Month and Yearly terms.


The benefits are the same as trader but with a charge of £13.50 month. However pay for 12 months in full and save £21 (£136) plus:

• Your company's banner gets into the site's banner rotation.
• Signature advertising business
• Allowed a single sale-related topic in General Discussion.
• You get to store 700 PMs.

Any parts or cars sold must be owned by you. We do not allow the sale of items for non members.

Please be advised that if you own a business in the automotive trade and wish to sell automotive parts or cars, we strongly advise you contact a moderator before doing so to check that you wont be in breach of our site trading policies. You may require a trade membership to do so.

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