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3.1 Discounted Suppliers

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3.1 Discounted Suppliers

Post by RSspeeddemon on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:56 pm

3.1 Discounted suppliers scheme.

We would like to keep these agreements as informal as possible, but in order to avoid any misunderstandings we ask that you follow these few simple guidelines.

For the most part, all communications between yourselves and club members, regarding your business or trade, should be carried out within your own dedicated section of the sub forum. We understand that this is not always possible, with members starting topics and asking questions in other forum sections, however, we will whenever possible, move said topics as and when required.

On a personal level, you are more than welcome, as a valued club member, to join and contribute in any topic, general chat or banter within any forum section or in the club chat rooms.

You are also entitled to attend (subject to payment of any entry fees, etc), National and regional shows, club meetings and events; however, we ask that you check with club officials first, before distributing information, or canvassing for your business or trade on the clubs stand at any show or event.

In addition to your own dedicated section, you are allowed to have a single topic (at any one time), within the General Forum for the purpose of providing information on special offers, discounts, availability of services, etc. this is a flexible request and is intended to avoid any unnecessary or overenthusiastic posting to the forums in general. You will find that in general, club members will approach you for information.

With regards to your forum signature, you should follow the clubs general rules in principal. You may have an advertising banner as a signature, and must fall within the clubs guidelines for dimensions and file size. It may be a clickable link to your business website, but must open in a new window; you must not force members to leave RS-MANIAS website when visiting your website. You may also have a single line of text, either above or below your signature, but not both, for the purpose of highlighting any offer or service.

As a business or trade, we understand that discounts on your products and services are not always possible, but we encourage you to consider offering special rates, or other incentives to club members. As a general guide, discounts in the region of at least 10% should be your aim. You will find over time that club members appreciate good service and as a result, discounts can be seen as a worthy incentive, but above all, good service always counts.

What do we offer as a club in return?

This is often very hard to quantify, but generally speaking club members will use products or services that come recommended. In order to help you help us, we will give you a dedicated area within the sub forums, where you can promote your business or trade. This can often be a very valuable and visible tool for you.

You will also have, as previously mentioned a forum signature for your business or trade, which means, the more active you are within our community, the more visible your business or trade becomes.

The annual membership fee (£7.50) will also be waived, as we appreciate you as discount suppliers. However if you would like a banner visible on the site, this is subject to an advertising cost to cover hosting fees and design of artwork incorperated. The artwork can be of your choice.

You may at any time withdraw your services from the club, but should this happen we will ask that (subject to membership rules) you request to become a paid member. Should you decline, your account will be administered just as any other non paying member account is. If your services are withdrawn from the club, your dedicated area will also be removed. We reserve the right to withdraw your services from the club at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to amend, add to or remove parts of this agreement at any time.

We hope and trust that this agreement will help to forge a prosperous and worthwhile venture for all concerned.

For and on behalf of Ford ST and RS owners
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