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Track day preperation

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Track day preperation Empty Track day preperation

Post by RSspeeddemon on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:56 am

Car Preparation:

1. New oil and filter before event.

2. Check ALL fluid levels are correct.

3. Fit new brake pads all round (or bring a set of spares, as you won't want to cut your day short due to running out of brakes - I would personally use a harder compound for the track, but that is up to you).

4. Have your brake fluid checked before the event to make sure it hasn't got too high a water content (brake fluid absorbs water and should be changed every 2-3 years), as any water content will allow the fluid to boil at a lower than normal level (pedal to the floor and no brakes - not nice).

TIP: Most Fast Fit type place actually offer the brake fluid test free of charge. Change if necessary and I would presonally recommend Castrol SRF or similar (forget off the shelf Dot 5.1s, it HAS to be a track orientated fluid from any of the known brands).

5. If you have adjustable road dampers, turn them to the hardest setting before you venture out on track (unless it is wet, then experiment with settings, as in the wet you WANT weight transfer to help load the tyres for better wet weather grip).

6. Buy a set of part worn tyres (a brand that is known for being hard wearing rather than grippy would be best, as track driving will quickly overheat soft tyres within a few laps), have these fitted on your wheels before the track day or if finances allow, buy a set of wheels with them already fitted and take them to the track.

Part worns can be had for as little as £60 a set and saves you forking out for a set of new tyres for the car straight after a track day. Obviously you need to examine any second hand tyres very carefully.

7. Ensure all wheel bearings are okay.

8. Check all wheel nuts are done up correctly before venturing on track.

9. Make sure the engine is fully up to temperature before you go out on track.

10. Run on Super-Unleaded petrol whilst on track, unless you're in a diesel, obviously.

11. Check your oil / water / tyres / brakes after EVERY session (obviously once you have given the car time to cool down).

Things you will need

1. Driving licence (you won't be allowed out on track without showing that you have a current valid licence).

2. Crash helmet (although most tracks have a supply, they soon run out, especially if passengers are allowed).

3. Gloves (optional, but preferable), as when the adrenaline starts pumping, you'll be amazed at the places you sweat, and this way your hands won't slip off the steering wheel.

4. Lightweight shoes / trainers so you get better feel of the peddles.

Final Thoughts

1. Try and insure the car with a company that covers track days.

2. Bring tools, oil, spark plugs etc. in case you need to carry out any repairs / top oil up etc. A small selection of spare consumable items may stop your track day fun coming to an early end.

3. Have mates along that can help bail you out of any unforeseen emergencies.

4. Bring a tow rope.

5. AA/RAC etc breakdown recovery.

6. Pay attention in the drivers briefing session.

7. Remember, motorsports can be dangerous - be safe!

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